Why Should You Buy Our Wooden Tackle Box?

Wooden fly box is a small team of amateur fishermen who enjoy not only trophies but also the process itself. In order to get the most out of fishing equipment should be of the highest quality.

We have over 25 years of experience in woodworking, which we are happy to use to produce only the highest quality products for fishermen all over the world

Our products have the following advantages:

  • The tackle boxes are coated with an environmentally friendly waterproof coating.
  • All wooden tackle boxes do not sink.
  • We use different kind of wood for all our products depending on the customer’s wishes.
  • All of our boxes are unique, due to the uniqueness of the wood texture and engraving.
Our main products are Wooden Tackle Box but we also make fishing fly nets, wobblers and other fishing equipment. If you have questions or want to order fill out the form below or email us – budulay06031974@gmail.com.


Wooden Fly Box image
Wooden Fly Box
Wooden Tackle Box
Wooden Fishing Fly Net image
Wooden Fishing Fly Net
Fishing Fly Net and Tackle Box
Magnetic Net Release System
magnetic Wooden Tackle Box Type 2 imagenet release system
Wooden Tackle Box Type 2
Wooden Tackle Box Type 3
Wooden Tackle Box Type 3
Wooden Tackle Box Type 4


Of course! We will gladly try to fulfill all your wishes.

All of our boxes are unique, we will choose a wood type and texture especially for you and put your logo, picture or name on it. That's why we specify the cost of each box personally by email.

Yes, if the product has not yet been personalized (your name or your image, logo or picture has been put on the product).

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